About us.

The world has become a small global village and education is one of the most important aspects for bonding the future generations. India has been a hub of knowledge creation and human resource because of its sound education system. But now It is important to address the changes required in present education system and educate students by combining earlier and modern learning ways so that the student emerge successful in all phases of life.

India and world have started recognising the importance of blending of traditional and modern way of learning. Now use of technology is becoming more and more important in modern days teaching. But still the use of technology is being addressed for academics and available, for those who can afford.

Why Zeros?

Child Centred

Child- Centred education is to enable the optimal development of a child’s personality and competencies in line with his/her individual needs and requirements.

Peer Learning

In this mode of learning, students interact with their peers and learn from each other with minimum supervising authority. It creates an environment of open communication, study well and perform better academically.

Enhanced learning

This process enhances deep learning, wherein the information is retained in long-term memory, rather than surface learning, where information received in a classroom can dissipate very fast from mind.

Need of Platform

Today’s school going students require EdTech platform which provides a holistic approach to education, focusing equally on academics and co-curricular activities.

Zeros Origin

What actuated Zeros?

In this fast moving world where technology has evolved in last 30 years with such a pace that approach to education requires a change, which create a demand of different types of approach in education from last 6 to 7 years, but sudden breakout of COVID 19 has affected around 600 million students across the globe. The pandemic has created an uncertainty over the schooling cycles and affected the learning cycle of students.

What's the solution?

Zeros team came with a solution which bridges the gap between present education approach and future competencies required to pursue their jobs and be aquatint with dynamics of fast changing world.


A blending right set of features of social media with new approach to education to provide peer learning approach.

Providing a platform to digitise Schools, Coaching and other educational institutes where they can directly connect to their students, in a Hussle free environment and with analytical features

Platform provides ample amount of academics, analytical and creative tasks which any student can enjoy and develop a habit to learn through experiments.

Platform motivates group studies and healthy competition at global scale.